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  In early 1997 The Erie Classical Guitar Society began holding monthly meetings at Lakewood UMC. The meetings that had different numbers of attendees.  Some with over 20 people, some with only two members.  Several local well known guitarists graciously came to our meetings to perform .  We also showcased guitar videos such as Andre Segovia's life and times and other great classical artists.

 Mikhail Pikaluv, a classical guitarist from Russia was a very important part of the Erie Classical Guitar Society.  Mikhail was my guitar instructor for a short period of time.  This seemed appropriate as my original teacher, Dimitri Erdly (shown above),  was also from Russia. They both were very effective and artful in their instruction.  Another important member was Carl Pastore.  The name Pastore is well known among local builders in Erie.  I was graciously invited to Pastores’ home and had a great visit with him and saw some of his great handiwork.

The State University of New York at Fredonia had a classical guitar quartet and they accepted our invitation to perform at two concerts at Lakewood.   They were very enjoyable and showcased the quartets’ higher level of musicianshipTheir attendance at meetings was also very educational.

The Erie Classical Society meeting attendance began to diminish when Mikhail moved out of town and Carl passed away.  The meetings stopped and we became an internet presence.


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     Carl Pastore's 1941 Martin Classical which he skillfully played for us on occasion.  
Many thanks to his daughter Tina.


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   The guitar used be called a tavern instrument; one that could not meet the demands of classical music. In the early nineteenth century, Fernando Sor set in motion the quest that continues today, to raise the guitar to the greatest musical level possible. Sor was one of the most prolific composers for, and promoters of, the guitar as a "concert" instrument, in the last two hundred years. He, and others like him paved the way for Andres Segovia to emerge and bring the guitar to the immense popularity, and respect it enjoys today.


Picture taken on "SIDEWALK TRAIL" at the Peninsula